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Hey HTC fix the reception issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by whatisthisidon, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. whatisthisidon

    Thread Starter

    Tried this phone on three seperate occasions and the reception still sucks, forcing me to revert backto my damn droid2. I want to like this phone but until i can use it as an actual phone its impossible.

  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    Still waiting for someone to make an aftermarket battery door with a better antenna. Seems like it would be a must have accessory for every Inc2 owner.
  3. whatisthisidon

    Thread Starter

    Is that where the problem lies? Why don't they just make a new door? Hell, a sticker of some sort would probably work.
  4. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    It's pretty clear to me that the problem is indeed with the antenna (placement).

    Try this, place your phone face up with the Network page open and see what the signal level is. No pick the phone up and watch the signal drop by 10 dBm or more.
  5. bthomasltd

    bthomasltd Lurker

    HTC is known for their great UI but crappy radios they use in their devices. Unfortunate fact. :(
  6. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    Yeah, when I heard the new update also had an update radio version I was hoping for an improved signal strength. But nope, still only -98dBm in my house.
  7. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Android Expert

  8. Drunder40

    Drunder40 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried these? If so what was your impression..
  9. wildtouch83

    wildtouch83 Android Enthusiast

    haha I remember those signal boosters from around 10 years ago when I was rockin' a Nokia 5165. I don't think they did anything back then, so, I'd be skeptical about them now. But you never know.
  10. greengob1in

    greengob1in Newbie

    Some places the phone is completely unusable and other people with at&t have full bars.
  11. Locoman

    Locoman Well-Known Member

    Yes, I tried this. I ordered a pack of 20 I think for around $6.00 from ebay. I put two behind the battery and lined up three on the back cover from the antenna up. I use an app called "Phono" to measure the signal strength. IT DOESN'T WORK. The only thing I find that works is to not hold the bottom of the phone in the palm of your hand. LOL.
  12. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    One's still stuck to the back of my old 5185i that I have lying around. They made absolutley no difference but I couldn't peel the damn thing off. So it stayed.
  13. Drunder40

    Drunder40 Well-Known Member

    Man this sucks.. although I have to admit, I didn't think something as simple as those sticky things could actually fix this issue but hey it was worth asking..

    Appreciate the replies.
  14. King_Bean

    King_Bean Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm the only one that doesn't have any reception issues. My reception is absolutely fine.
  15. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    What is your usual dBm level? I rarely get better than -92dBm which it two bars on my phone.
  16. Mark16q

    Mark16q Member

    mine is -54dBm at my office and around -65 at home. and haven't had any dropoff problems so far. guess we've got a lot of cells around here.
  17. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    Holy crap. I am sitting 6 feet from my network extender and am only at -67 dBm.
  18. Mark16q

    Mark16q Member

    when I was in NY with my Eris, I got horrible reception almost everywhere in the City. But out here in the burbs of San Fernando Valley it's a strong signal. VZW has good cells out here as long as you stay near the freeway.
  19. ckhbuy

    ckhbuy Lurker

    I went to the electronics lab in my company and got some copper foil of thickness 0.001" or 0.002". I then cut it into various shapes and placed on the inside surface of the battery case such that one corner was always in contact with the HTC antenna contact. In spite of my efforts I could never significantly increase the signal strength (just a smidge), oddly enough.

    However, with some configurations (I tried a bunch) I was certainly able decrease the signal strength.

    Just my two cents.
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