Hey I downloaded FRG22-DEODEXED-Release.zip

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Can I use the steps on top to force upgrade or do i have to use FRG01B FIRST, then use FRG22........

Edit: This is for rooted users. Opps. Well If you are rooted, this will work for you......


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LOL. I just did it last night, and i know exactly what you're talking about. Once you step over though, you won't want to turn back. :) Plus, IF anything does go wrong, these guys are awesome and know their shtuff.

IxI Dan IxI

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instructions with the correct download from trident are in a sticky at the top of this forum

I know that, i was just rushed to the newest release for some reason. I am going to do that, or root, or just give up and kill myself already. I just can't decide anything for myself.

But this post can be useful for people who have rooted.