Root hey stuck in rommanger

so my 4g isnt work so went to the metropcs they found out its rooted then try to reset the phone now stuck in romamger i need t5o exit it


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By the way have you flashed the cwm recovery yourself or someone has done it for you? If you did it your self on the same thread it was stressed thousands of time to not do a reset via the setting or with the volume buttons as it will do a cwm bootloop. Anyway download this save it in your micro sd and go to install from zip and locate this file and install and it will fix the phone. No offense or bashing intended just wanted to show what happens when someone doesn't read through enough


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well i got a new one for free but i will but it in my micro sd i flashed it with Playfulgod rom with the lg estteem so it never truned back on they exchange it