Sep 1, 2011
hi all, hopefully what im posting here hasnt posted by someone else. anyways, just want to find out is there any way to group certain applications into 1 page or folder(i mean after clicking on the home button,where all the application will be there). tried creating new catalogue,but the application still appears in the old and new catalogue. just trying to group it according to its use. using 2.3.5 btw. appreciate any comments. cheers:)
Are you talking about putting folders in your app drawer (where you have a list of all your apps)? If so, I don't know if the native LG launcher has that option, but several aftermarket ones do. I use go launcher ex, and I can on that one. Try going to your app drawer and hitting the menu button. See if the option for 'new folder' pops up. If not, then grab go launcher ex, launcher pro, or adw launcher (all free) from the market.