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hi all (my phone history)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by owned66, Jun 4, 2010.

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    i was really intrigued by the new android OS
    i always wanted to buy an iphone because the phone was always supported and updated (except for the older model)
    the reason why i didnt get one was because well AT&T dosnt play flash itunes suck horrible camera etc etc not to mention they needed 2 big software updates (ie iphone os 3) to get it right i loled when people were amazed by copy and paste hahaha

    i always loved nokia and its OS because i grew familiar to it
    and when i saw the Omnia HD i8910 i was amazed 720p recording AMOLED touch screen and symbian OS i was sure it would be supported for a long time
    but i failed to know that this phone was a samsung not a nokia and what happened was it never received updates even though it wasn't buggy at all
    the big bad thing i didnt like about symbian that no one really cared about making software for it which made the phone boring quickly
    + im very happy that nokia started its new OS (MeeGo) which looks great
    any ways im happy to be here and learn about android more

    im sry about any grammar or spelling mistake english isnt my native language and PM me if this needs more cowbell xD


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