Hi All


I guess I let the thread time-out while cooking dinner. Lucky for you guys, cause I think it was almost as long as Tolstoy's War and Peace :)

I'd never owned a smartphone of any kind until about November of last year, but since then I've had four of them. The first was a Blackberry 9700, which was pretty cool, but I have MS and my hands don't always work 100%, so that little keyboard was out for me. I swapped it for a Nexus One, and I was totally hooked on Android. Unfortunately, I was on Mobilicity (a new carrier in Canada that operates on AWG 1700/2100), and their actual coverage didn't quite jibe with their mapped coverage, and I couldn't get a signal at my house. So, since I refuse to sign another contract just to get a discount on a phone, I bought an unlocked Acer Liquid E that had been updated to Froyo. A bit of a let-down after having the Nexus One, but it worked great until I dropped it a couple of days ago and cracked the lcd. It still works but it's really hard to decipher what's on the screen (luckily the speech-to-text function works).

Now I'm working on my 4th smartphone. I found a fantastic deal on an HTC Desire Z on Craigslist. It's only 2 weeks old and in perfect condition, but it's locked to Bell. When I tried to get it unlocked the guy told me that it's too new and Bell hasn't released the IMEI # - or something like that. Apparently it takes a month or two from first activation. So I'm stuck with a broken Acer, and a beautiful HTC that's useless outside of my WiFi zone. Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to enjoy the Android system to its fullest again. Then I imagine I'll have lots of questions for you all :)