Sep 4, 2011
Near Kitchener, Ontario
Android newby here hoping to learn stuff about a phone I really love compared to the lousy iPhone 3G someone gave me that I was stuck with last couple of years. I'd basically like to find out the best apps and tweaks I can customize my phone with and carry on from there. May even buy a Galaxy tab soon as the Infuse screen is awesome but I've seen how much cooler Tablets are for many things but I don't want an iPad. The lady I live with has one and you wouldn't believe the trouble it's given me to hook it up wirelessly to the home Network when none of my other devices have, not even the PS3.

I'll probably lurk a lot at first but don't be surprised if I ask a dumb question every now and again....

Hi! I've had a Samsung Android from Bell for almost a year and am pretty much a Newb with the phone and forums in general. Just found out about this one tonight from a friend, and hoping to find out a few things on here about my phone that will make me like it even a little.:thinking: