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Hi All

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by akretsch, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Just responding to the invite to the welcome forum. My history with handheld devices started with the Axim X30mid, then the X51v. My first smart phone was the Nokia E71x and after my wife and daughters got their iphone 4 s I figured it was time for some big screen smart phone love for me and purchased the Samsung Infuse 4G. I have enough geek in me to want to do as much as I can with my phone but in all honesty, It appears that today's handhelds are less computer ish than my Axims were. But the phone aspect along with the apps make these things pretty sweet nonetheless. I also occasionally use my ThinkOutside bluetooth keyboard and mouse with my Infuse. I don't own a laptop so the phone sometimes does that duty as well. I already have gleaned some helpful info from the forums here and look forward to learning lot's more.


    PS I discovered something really cool about the infuse and Garmin.... Someday, when I can, I'll reveal that in the accessories forum. Tease! :D

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    Welcome to Android Forums, Alan!

    Glad you are enjoying your Infuse and discovering cool features. That's half the fun. If you want to really have a blast you might dive into the ADK and find out that these devices really are mini computers in your pocket.

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