Hi everyone!


Hi everyone!

I am an IT engineer 100% of the Android eco-system and I own a Galaxy S2 for 18 months now and this is still on fire!
I joined this forum to learn and share some knowledge on Android.
I am also a developer and I will share some interesting home made apps...


Hi there, gyagapen... :)

It's nice to welcome you onboard. Thanks for joining our community.

I hope your stay here will be swell.
Have a good one. Happy 2013.


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Welcome to Android Forums, gyagapen.
Thanks for signing up here at Android Forums.

To get you started, here's a couple of links that should be of interest to you.

Our SGS2 (International) section &#8595;
Samsung Galaxy S2 (International) - Android Forums

And our Development section &#8595;
Application Development - Android Forums

Of course there's much more here at AF, so take a look around, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We'd be happy to help. :)

I hope you'll enjoy your time here, and happy posting! :D

- eyebeam