Dec 2, 2009
Basically I got a 4gb memory card for my HTC Hero, I popped it in, etc etc... I went to download an attachment from an email, i selected "Save to SD card", the message popped up saying "Successfully Saved to SD Card".

So I go to Quick Office and it says "No files were found on your SD Card"

Any ideas what's gone on here? I can see a picture I put on my SD card earlier on by going to "Albums" but i literally have no idea how to access other media I have stored on my SD card

Only had my phone for a few days so would appreciate any help

hi, it's a (docx) file, just a standard word 2007 file i think

i dont even remember if Quick Office came with the phone or i downloaded it

very frustrating when it says "saved to SD card", then nothing is there when I look in Quick Office
Have you tried any othe file formats? Perhaps try saving it as a .doc istead of the newer .docx. I'm not sure if Quick Office supports the newer file version or not.
For short term solution,
Down load Astro from Market, then go to Astro to view the file in SD. It should be there.
Long term solution,
Don't know yet:D