Root hi guys im abit behind

i am currently running villain rom 6.2.1 i guess as some of you are currently using villain12 that im a long way back, currently dont have many problems with this rom oher than ocasional force close just wondering what is better rom o update to as i performed a villain update and lost widgets :-( so looking to move forward in roms wha is he most stable all rounder fast and relible as my previous rom failed on messages all he time


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Villain 6? :eek:

Villain12 is the best 2.1 ROM, since it's actually based on the official firmware.

There are 2.2 ROMs too, but they aren't 100% stable yet.


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just tryed installing it and it aborted and said (bad)?? whats wrong with it?

edit: just did a full wipe and dalvik wipe and same thing again might just be a sign to stick with the current one


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The download might have been corrupted. Try redownloading it and compare the md5 sum to the one given on the download page, if you can.


ok try elelinux well i'm on it for 2 days now and is great one of the most stable roms you can get i has something better than htc's UI give it a try

if you have any questions ask xyro he is an expert :)