Hi, I am a new member


Hello, I wan to ask. Can I share games from link beside from google play? And where I should post? Thx


Hi Omigai. Welcome to Android Forums. We do have a place where we discuss apps. Perhaps that might be the ticket for you. Here is a link to that area:
Android Applications - Android Forums
If you are a developer and have an app that you would like to announce to our members we have a place for that as well. Here is a link to that area:
App & Game Announcements - Android Forums
Be advised that there is a posting requirement for such so be sure to read the sticky thread prior to posting. Have fun and thanks for joining the community.


Hi Omigai, welcome to Android Forums. You'll like it here, since there's much to learn and many to have some fun with. Remember: every one is here to help eacht ochter out. If you ever have any remarks or questions, please let us know.