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Hi, new and a bit confused...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sevans77, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. sevans77

    sevans77 Lurker
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    Hi, I am new to the android phones. I have been using a Q9h for the past 2 years and really like it. The problem is it's not a wifi enabled phone and I wanted to be able to shut off my land line and use the Bravo for all home calls.

    It has been a huge learning curve and a wee bit frustrating. I have my Bravo set up (well sort of). Managed to follow directions and trf contacts from outlook to motoblur. Wow, that was fun. There are issues I am having with my new Bravo and not sure why...so here I am at your forum to try to find answers. Most puzzling is G3 network shows a very strong signal on my Q, but just 1 bar on the Bravo. Can't figure out why...:thinking:

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  3. damewolf13

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    I am guessing that your previous cell phone was also a Motorola phone, and with the same service provider? If that is the case, assuming you are using the Bravo in the same general area as your previous phone, then it is
    a bit curious. You also didn't mention if the one bar of service is adequate to get clear reception or if it causes problems of some sort. It may be that the signal indicator just isn't as accurate as on previous phone.
    If no one here on the Bravo forum can help, I would think that you could get the answers you need from your service provider. It may be something as simple as a setting that needs to be changed, but they should be able to help. I would try calling them first, and if the service reps, or techs on the service call can't find the reason, then go in person to deal with it. If all else fails contact our friendly neighborhood forum moderater EarlyMon. He knows everything!:p (really)
  4. sevans77

    sevans77 Lurker
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    Thank you.

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