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Hi! Newbie Android Fan

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bockety, May 9, 2010.

  1. bockety

    bockety New Member
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    Hi. I was using the Envy Touch 2 for a year or two, but I got tired of the tiny screen and other glitches and things. Before that, I had the Storm and the Dare, both very briefly, and before those the first Envy. I finally bit the expensive bullet and decided to go with a grown up phone. Since the Incredible and Droid were the same price, I went with Incredible. I thought I'd hate not having a real keyboard but I've had it two days and it hasn't been a problem.

    I also have an iTouch. I just don't like AT&T. Verizon signal is great and every time I've had an issue their reps bend over backwards to make me happy. (I have U-Verse from AT&T and their customer service lived up to every horrible thing I heard about them; I'm not about to give up Verizon for more of that nonsense.) Anyway, I love the Incredible. Sleek, fun, but (unlike my iTouch) it feels less like a toy and more like a tool.

    I've had a few minor problems with it:

    - Mystery notices. The notification sound goes off but when I go to check it, there's nothing there (email, text). I figured out that if it doesn't vibrate it's just a mystery tone and I should ignore it, but what is this mystery tone for?

    - When it was charging overnight two nights ago, Pandora suddenly came on and started playing. I went in and turned it off under "manage apps" but why did it start up when I hadn't touched it?

    - Is there a way to send a text or email without having to close the keyboard or hit menu>send? I tried using the optical ball button but that didn't work. I was spoiled with a real keyboard, just type it out and the send button was right there. This is probably just a little thing I have to get used to.

    - Google mobile apps. I know I can just do a search for things like Buzz, Tasks, Reader, News, etc and save the web links in a folder, but I really like the Google Mobile Apps app on the iTouch. It's all right there, and looks so nice. Yes, the Moble Apps app is the same as having the bookmarks, I just like the layout of the app better than a folder of bookmark icons.

    - Can I add shortcuts to "big" programs? Like Friendsream, which takes up a whole page. I'd like just a small icon so I can fit other stuff on that page. I tried just putting them in folders but that doesn't work.

    - Is there a good notes program? The one on the iTouch lets me just type out a note that I can either save in the notes program or send as an email.

    - Is there some way to set the widget that lets me "flip" through emails to go to the Gmail program instead of the HTC mail program? I prefer the Gmail program.

    - I was at a Starbucks yesterday with some friends showing off my new DI and I had it hooked to their wifi. I couldn't get anything to work - Goggles, Yelp, even google search. Once I took it off the wifi (it was AT&T) it worked fine on the 3G. Is that normal? It works fine on my wifi at home and at work.

    - The camera makes a clicking sound (mechanical, not the "click" sound that I can turn on and off under preferences) when I open it. It's a lot louder when I use Goggles.

    - I accidentally removed the "favorites" widget and can't seem to find it to put it back.

    - When I synced my contacts with Gmail, my phone, and Facebook a lot of the names changed. I know how to change the names (hold down the name when looking at the person's contact info) but sometimes they don't save and I have to do it two or three times before the person's name goes back to how it's supposed to be.

    Sorry this is so long. Any help or advice you can give about these would be greatly appreciated! I love this phone. Using it next to the iTouch, it's faster and sleeker. The iTouch kind of feels clunky next to it. Since the iTouch is smaller than the iPhone, I can only imagine how clunky iPhones feel in comparison. I'd take an Incredible over the iPhone any day!


  2. justjimjpc

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    Welcome the the AF forums and enjoy your visits !! :cool:
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Oct 31, 2009
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    Welcome to Android Forums!! :)

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