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Hi phandroids!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by salimlog666, Sep 11, 2011.

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    I'm new at this forum as in the Android word. Just bought three diferent Chinese (xing-ling, as called in Brazil) devices in order to test their performance. Two from Shenzhen (both WM 8650, one w/ built-in 3G, SIM slot and phone function; other w/ external mini-USB adapter for RJ-45 ethernet and two USB ports that can supposedly support a 3G modem). The other is a Coby Kyrus 7015, wow, Coby itself is cloning the original Kyros, lol...
    Well, I got some obs to tell, pros & cons. Starting by good ones, the "tablet-phone" worked as cellphone only two or three times but the 3.5mm jack appears to have double function, since it supported the included earphone w/mic - and it works! The standard USB port is an advantage and the 4G sensor is fine too. Tested it with a SIM in the slot and another at an external HUAWEI E173 modem (dongle!) and both 3G nets were identified and worked well. By the way, it works in all BR mobile operators, GSM and HSPA ranges.
    Its model is the "green light" MID WM8650 OS 2.2, kernel; build V 1.5.1, aka "generic-eng2.2Froyo", assemble date.time (i guess) 20110728.085554.
    As thousands of non-chinese users, I still have problems when surfing around web and downloading apps is a joke. A bad one. Lots of built-in apps are fake. You only has an icon. The Youtube app is blue and don't works. There are lots of bugs that everybody knows or can guess, but I'm here to tell you that hav downloaded the Uberoid ROM and am going to install it according to the tips (still better, precise orientations) found here.
    Furthermore I'll be back to thank nominally each one of the guys that are helping me.
    By now, I only can say that it's a great pleasure be a member of this phandroid community. Thank you all!

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    Sounds like you have a ton of helpful knowledge there :D glad to have you join AF
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