Hi Phandroids!


Dec 21, 2013
Massive hello to all at Android Forums,

We are a tiny (just the two of us :) :) ) development studio from England called Remember Discovery.

Between us we have a few android devices, including a Nexus 4, Galaxy S3 and a couple of cheap 9/10" Tablets.

We're here to share and communicate with users/developers and always welcome feedback.

'Appy holidays!

Rich and Russ (Remember Discovery - Makers of KLOK3D)
Hello KLOK3D. It's great to have you here as a member. :) If you have a game or app to share with the community, feel free to use the area we have fur such. Here is a link:
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Please read the Sticky threads to make certain you in compliance with the rules. Have fun and thanks for joining AF.