Hi - the good and the ugly



I just bought my Galaxy Note 10.1 ICS a few weeks ago and am fully satisfied. I was an IT specialist for over 40 years and now retired. I am an advocate of open systems e.g. Linux and Java. Android is a good OE, has good tools but it has some problems of an open platform - which can be resolved.

- Security - The biggest Problem - I suggest Google creates a Premium Play Store that only contains Apps that have been certified by Google, aree of virusses and conform to a minimum set of standards. Today when you download an antivirus program you never know if it is a fake, it invents virusses it never found or even if it does not itself contain virusses!!!

- Cut and Paste does not work globally and so some functions apply only to a specific App.



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Hi Golpe, and welcome to AF :)

Google are supposed to be moving towards more scanning of apps in the Play Store, but as I understand it it's so far not very good. Having said that, there are few malware apps that last long there, so if you are reasonably cautious and make sure an app you are installing does not require unnecessary permissions it's pretty safe. There are security apps you can install, and if you take these from a reputable provider (AVG, Avast, Lookout, Kaspersky) I'd at least be confident that they are genuine, if not perfectly effective.

Unfortunately we're just an internet discussion forum - to get this improved you need to get Google to listen ;)

Anyway, we're very glad to have you join the discussion here :)