Hi there! It`s my first time to post a post.

Hello, I`m a college student from Korea. Needless to say, South Korea, where Samsung and LG are located. (We don`t threat others with Nukes like our northern neighbor! :p) As you know we speak and write Korean, so it`s a interesting challenge for me to do conversations with others in English. Feel free to teach me grammar.

Not being a nationalist, I personally feel embarrassed when Koreans constantly boasting themselves with how this country becomes wealthy and mighty from a war-devastated land within a shockingly short period. So I don`t want to call my country a place where Samsung located, but I`m wondering about how many foreigners can distinguish my country from northern one...

It looks like somewhat long for a first time greetings. I use Atrix MB861(a exclusive model to KT). I`m a big fan of Google and Android. Nice to meet you all.