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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MK2EA, Aug 15, 2010.

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    how do i connect my samsung galaxy portal to samsung pc studio 7. So what happens is i connect the usb and a message comes up on the phone saying the usb is connected then i click mount and then message comes on the computer as to what i can do but when i try and do this with samsung pc studio 7 it doesnt connect (when you go to connect and then it says to connect the usb which i do but doesnt)

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    For what reason are you connecting your phone via USB to your PC exactly?

    Once its connected, it will take your pc a while to find all the drivers and install them, once thats done the only thing you can use the PC Studio software for is to transfer files from your PC to your phones SD card. You will not be able to manage anything else through the software including messages/contacts etc

    If you just want to transfer files from PC to phone, its much easyer to just take the micro SD card out your phone, insert it into the adapter supplied in the phone box, and plug the SD card adapter containing your micro sd card into a card reader on your PC.

    If your pc does not have a card reader, but you have a digital camera/camcorder that does have an SD card slot, put the SD card adapter into that device and then connect the device to your PC and turn it on, you will be able to access the SD card through the device by using the 'My Computer' icon on your start menu/desktop and going to the 'removable drive'

    Also read Here and some good tips Here
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    I agree that you should forget Kies/NPS software as their buggy, feature-less and bloatware. But the fastest way to access your SD card is to leave it in the phone, and conncect to it as an external drive from your PC. Yes you do need to install the USB drivers on your PC to connect to your phone, but once these are installed, you can copy/delete files to your hearts content. Just remember when you connect the USB cable to your phone, to then enable USB connection.
    USB Connected
    Mount [x]

    Secondly if you want to add/edit your contacts and calendar info, then do it from your PC by logging onto your Gmail account and access them using Gmail.

    Firstly sync your contracts/Calendar to your Gmail account, log onto PC gmail and make your changes, then when complete, re-sysnc from your phone.

    It's also a good idea to go into your contacts, and change any mobile Numbers to Type Mobile so your phone knows the difference between a land line and a mobile no.

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