Feb 7, 2011
Hi there,
I'm new in android .I'm a java programmer so about java i'm ok i think,but in android i'm a beginner.
After a long material study i installed the android sdk,eclipse plugin and done some sample and even the sample that given with sdk .
I'm wondering how these are done and how can able to use those classed that are api for android.

My colleges laughing on me because i'm new in this so they are telling "you wont able to do a project..........."

Because of these i want a good help to become a android programmer,no body in my company is doing the android program,so i'm afraid of how can i complete a project or do some project as sample and show our PM,and ask him to give android project to me.

Please any one help me to start up.Sorry for bad english.

Thanks for those who came to help me