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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by McRae999, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. McRae999

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    Hi, I am an HTC Wildfie user who is losing the will to live. I have joined to try to sort out my phone. Its a lovely handset but I have had to disable all the nice features to try to get through the day without the battery dying and now I am out of space (although there is plenty on the SD card!). My first 'mobile' was a transportable phone which was a massive carry case with a clip on handset connected with a curly cable! Strange but true. I guess the beauty of the transportable was that the battery would last 48 hours! no stranger to new mobile technology but this smartphone is almost beating me!

    As you can guess I am no spring chicken so treat me kindly! :)

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  2. DonB

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  3. Rush

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    Hi McRae999..

    Welcome aboard. Thanks for joining the community. Hopefully the information on here will be helpful. :)

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