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  1. Melanie duque

    Melanie duque Lurker
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    helo everyone! i am new to this site hope you guys could help me for some of my questions thanks a lot and more power.. :)


  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    welcome to AF!!!!!!!

    glad you can join our family. i hope you find the right forum to find your help that you need. if you need assistance navigating thru AF, let us know;)
  3. dadatoe

    dadatoe Lurker

    Awesome. I am also new here and this is my first post. But you guyz are super wonderful concerning the help i fetched from how to root, especially that of Scotty. I really believe that this forum will put an end to my 7month+ plight to root my HTC Desire HD 2.35, LOCKED, ACE,HBOOT 2.00.0029, without Bootloader.
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  4. Kaat72

    Kaat72 Guest

    Hi Melanie and dadatoe, welcome both to our online android playground. walk around a bit, get to know what AF has to offer, and meet some of our great members. And ocnbrze is right; if any questions; just ask any one or staff. Enjoy your stays.
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