I'm a longtime BB user making the switch.. I tried the iPhone right when it came out and although I am a diehard Apple Fanatic (although the more I think about it, I'm an Apple Computer fanatic), I wasn't impressed and went back to the berry...

Went into the Verizon store the other day to check out the new Microsoft Phones (which were dreadful.. I was just curious cause I do like my ZuneHD), and decided to check out the Incredible.

I was pretty impressed... Between the iPhone, Storm, Droid and whatever other touch screen phones out there I've messed around with I just figured I'd never find a touch screen I liked. I type pretty well with a BB keyboard and touch screens couldn't keep up or weren't accurate enough. The Incredible was.

Then I started messing with the Widgets and I was sold. A Yankee score on the main screen?? I don't have to open an app or browser to check it easily? Sign me up!

I ordered it last night, patiently waiting for it to get here...