I started with a Legend in May 10, but when the back button started being unreliable, and was said to be irreparable, I bought a second hand, already rooted, Desire. Must have been in spring 2012. At the time I didn't know what rooted meant, or what I could do with it. I know a little more now, after joining you and having read some of the threads. The language seems very tribal, though, so before learnig more I have to understand what s-off means and why I need it, not to mention NAND!
My Legend took a dive into the water in the bottom of a boat (NEVER put your phone in your breast pocket) but was relatively ok after a dram of pure alcohol, pressurised air and an oven at fifty centigrades. The display is a little cloudy but otherwise it's absolutely usable. I have managed to use app2sd, but would like more more space since I get "not enough room for downloading" for example for Navionics.
I just bought a second hand Sensation, mostly for the bigger screen. Planning to root it, but I think I will practice on my Desire.
Regards, Mortort