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Hide apps in app drawer : It must be possible some how!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mark_B, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Mark_B

    Mark_B New Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 21, 2012

    I am searching for days in between in the internet for an app which simply hides the apps in the app drawer - NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS!!

    Have seen many suggestions in different forums and tried them but all these tips/suggestions are not right for me.

    First of all I tell about the system/Phone where I want to hide apps in app drawer. Samsung galaxy S with original stock rom - ROOTED (Android ver. froyo-2.2 or Gingerbread - 2.3 I think - if needed I can provide the exact ver.)

    The Phone I bought, second hand few months back for my daughter 13 years old(I am divorced and daughter is in my responsibility). Because of the whole day job and parents responsibility on my shoulders, I have very less time for her but I love her and don't want that she get in some drugs scene or some other illegal activities like stealing or something(have already received warnings from neighbors about her behavior and about her friends circle).

    I have installed app called Cerberus on the phone to find at which time where she is(and if she is telling the truth). The app can be easily hidden in the app drawer and it still works without problem. Now I wanted to install a app to listen/record the telephone conversations - what she is talking to which friends(Having friends is no problem for me, my only worry is that she doesn't get in some bad company). I found an app called Androrec call recorder. It does its job wonderfully but only problem is it is shown in the app drawer.

    I tried - Hide it pro(it is an amazing app and does its job of hiding ITSELF and hiding FILES very good) from the Play store, it does hides the apps in the app drawer but the apps also stops working after that(don't know why it should stop working if the app is hidden). Basically hidden means only the app is not shown in the app drawer and thats all, as like Cerberus do!! I read in Internet forums that Go launcher or some other launcher can be used to hide apps, again here two problems

    1) I read somewhere that the apps don't work after that.

    2) These launchers change the Default screens to something else, which I don't want to - otherwise she will be alarmed some thing's wrong.

    So guys please help me(Searching for days now in internet and app store) what can I do to simply hide the apps in app drawer, nothing more nothing less(For me it is amazing that none of the developer was able/wanted to create such an app which only hides the apps from appdrawer - because it looks likes it is possible, as the Cerberus app shows).



  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Jun 30, 2011
    Using different launchers, hiding the apps don't stop them from working. Anyway, hiding apps is a launcher dependent feature. An app can't alter the way the launcher handles things. An app can hide itself,but it cant tell the launcher to hide other apps. So your only choice for hiding apps is getting a different launcher. You can tell her you installed a different launcher so she can use different themes to make her phone prettier.

    Although I must warn you that there is a high chance that she has a technically knowledgeable friend and she'll find out what you are doing sooner or later, so have your speech prepared. Hiding apps is just a button away in launchers, and the setting is pretty much very visible.
  3. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Jul 9, 2010
    'neath a cactus
    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    I believe there are several apps out that provide a parent with information such as the contents of their text messages or whom they called (which is typically also available on the web portal for your wireless provider). I believe, however, that these apps are visible to the child but locked down so they cannot access them.

    Hiding something such that your daughter cannot find it borders on questionable ethics. The challenge I suspect goes beyond simply being able to monitor your child. This same app could be used by a jealous/possessive adult to spy on their spouse or significant other. Or for that matter an unscrupulous employee of a company could use it to spy on their manager or another employee.

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