Help Hide certain sounds from playing through your music player (using ".nomedia")

I have a car stereo that can has both a aux 3.5mm jack and usb port. Usb port works fine with ipod and car recognizes it. The usb port can also play from usb flash drives so when I put the evo in disk drive mode it will play music but it also plays all audio files on the phone including random navigation and such.

Is there a way to setup the files on the phone or some kind of app where it only plays music from my stock music app through the car usb port?


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Ran into an issue. I use htc sync to sync my playlists from itunes and music to the phone to play using the default music player. I figured out how to hide music files I don't want playing using nomedia but now it wont play my music either. There is no nomedia file in my music folder.

I just want to use the usb port which works fine with ipods (which dont have to be in disk drive mode) work fine and the cd player can browse through all the files. I want the same thing with my evo 3d. Is there a program or way to do this?

Is there a like a mimic program that makes the evo 3d look like a ipod to the receiver?


you may want to post this question in the MEDIA section and/or the applications section of this website to get more input from others.

i use poweramp and it does a great job of keeping out the files i dont want. its a great app.