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    Is hide it pro (audio manager) safe to use? Does it send your photos or videos to its server? I've not given it my Google ID and I'm not using the Google drive backup for this app. can it still create a cloud backup and send the data there or to its server?

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Calculator - Photo Vault hide

Calculator - Photo Vault hide Forum


Use the best calculator photo vault to hide photos, hide pictures, hide videos
. This is a disguised version of the Sgallery (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hld.anzenbokusu) that was designed and developed specifically for users who have higher demand for privacy security. - Enter the Sgallery method: Long press the title of the "Calculator" . - Quickly enter the Sgallery method: After entering the PIN, press “=” (this method requires you to set the PIN or the unlock mode to the Time PIN), and at the same time, support the access through the fingerprint already recorded on the device. Sgallery is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, apps and any other files that you do not want others to see. Sgallery can hide its app icon and keep you privacy absolutely safe. You can import your private images and videos in this secure space, and nobody knows the existence of it. What's more, Sgallery has the beautiful design, it provides you the smooth and amazing media browse experience. Highlight Features:
Through the AES encryption algorithm, encrypt the content that you do not want to share with others, and the file format, size without any restrictions, but also support taking pictures and recording videos. [Browser]
An inbuilt private browser for your safe browsing of private websites and downloading of photos from web and lock instantly inside photo vault and leaves no tracks in your system. [Note]
No longer have to worry about your private notes being discovered by others. [Hide App]
Without ROOT(Need to set Device Administrator), easy to hide sensitive apps, but also frozen system pre-installed apps. [App Lock]
You can use the App Lock feature to lock the apps that you think of personal privacy involved. [Hide Icon]
In addition to your own, others will not find the existence of the app. [Shake Close]
Shake the phone can quickly close the app, so that everything in your control. [Intruder Selfie]
Do not worry about someone trying to break into. [Fake Vault]
Create Fake vault with different password for storing fake photos and videos. [Fingerprint Unlock]
To provide you with a faster, more secure way to unlock. This app uses accessibility service. Devices that have not been ROOT, if you want to use the hide app feature, you need to go through a very very very complicating operations to enable Sgallery. Please read the full description before making decision.
Non Root Setup Tutorial: http://t.cn/RdsAv6O This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The No Root hide app feature uses the Device Administrator permission, so you may see a "This Device is managed" prompt on your notification bar and other places. If you want to uninstall the Sgallery, be sure to go to the Sgallery settings and select Uninstall. After clicking confirm to uninstall, the Device Administrator will be removed and the Sgallery will be uninstalled. -------------------- FAQ ------------------ Forgot password?
Please click the "Forgot Password" button below the unlock password interface. How to open?
Long press the title of the "Calculator" to open. Tips: There is a case that cannot be unlocked by long press title. This means that you have turned on the switch that Prohibit Unlocking by Long Press Title. At this point, you can use a system browser to access the website: http://t.cn/Rn11KMc or dial the number by phone , After dialing "*#*#1397#*#*" (Galaxy is invalid) to start the Sgallery, check the relevant settings or disable the Prohibit Unlocking by Long Press Title. More FAQ: http://t.cn/RdswKrI

March 16, 2020
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