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HideNseek app question

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by trg-s338, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Using HideNseek app. Love it! Minimizes suspicions. Used FolderOrganizer to change the name. Apps button on home screen indeed shows it under the new name but when I press the Settings icon, then Applications, then Manage Applications, it still lists as HideNseek. Is there anyway to change this? Furthermore, when I use Asto File Manager, if I go to the DCIM folder then the Camera folder, the hidden files are listed as the .jpg files that they are. They wont open on a quick tap, but long pressing brings up the File Options window. Press Open As, then Image, and lo and behold, the supposed hidden files open right up! Any solutions to these two problems with HideNseek? I can foresee the "Whatcha hiddin'? " comments coming. That's beside the point. Ideally, there would be no icon or traces of the app or what it contains like how the app Blackbook handles its delicate work. Any suggestions on how to fix or a better app for the purpose would be appreciated. Thanks.


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