High data usage OS service

Hello there,

Before I start let me just say I've already read through the similar threads, and tried some of the fixes posted there.

However, my phone (Galaxy S Advance, Android 2.3.6) still uses around 80Mb a day on OS Services.
I've turned off "Back up my data".
I haven't got a Live Wallpaper.
The only accounts that sync are my Gmail and Hotmail, besides they have a separate icon in my data manager.

If this keeps up I'll be using about 2Gb a month without even doing anything on the phone.


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Have you tried posting in your device forum to see if others are having the same issue, also I would take the phone into the carrier and have them check it, if what you say is true on what you are using, you should not be using that much data, another drastic way to test, is to do a FR and not not install any added apps for a few days and check your phone for data within those few days, but I would definitely post in your device forum to see what others say there also

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Thanks for the response, I'll post a thread in the device forum. But since it's the OS Service (and the similar threads were all on different phones) I figured this would be the best place.

And what I'm using at the moment is only e-mail, or looking something up on the internet or an app occasionally. But all those things have a separate icon in the data manager.
For example,
Internet - 6MB
Email (hotmail) - 3MB
Facebook - 372KB
Twitter - 298KB
Gmail - 118KB

But OS Services is completely on top with 76MB, day before that 97MB.
Today (it's now 2.30PM) 50MB already.


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Is it new? maybe its still syncing data to servers. I mean like your contact and calendar data..

I've had it for a month now, it's also my first android phone so I didn't have any contact data or calendar stuff stored anywhere.
I also turned off the Google back-up thing a few days ago when reading through the similar threads on the issue. But like I said it still uses around 80Mb a day.


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What are you using to monitor data usage? How about trying to download 3G watchdog from market just to see. Or maybe Onavo data counter.


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Ok thanks!
I hadn't heard of Onavo, I found My Data Manager through a link in someones blog about monitoring data, he recommended it.
I see both Onavo and My Data Manager have 4,5 stars.
Anyway, curious to hear what you'll find out.


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Oh, a little trouble. Onavo doesn't discriminate between OS and Wifi tethering, unlike MDM. Oh well. I had recorded a use of 6mb over 8hrs on Onavo, while MDM reads only 5mb. Basically approx 20mb a day.

However Onavo has a constant readout that I am using 2mb more than what MDM says.