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High end games for galaxy s/vibrant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DroidDoesReveiws, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

    OK, i didn't see any other threads about this, so here it goes....
    the galaxy s phones were made for high end games. I want to find and try all the high end games for android, so please post which games you found...
    Here are the high end games I've tried and what I think about them:
    Asphalt HD from Gameloft.
    I really love this racing game. Its on par with racing games made for the psp. I hope they release an expansion pack with more cars/tracks/events.
    N.O.V.A from Gameloft.
    A pretty good fps. It kinda reminds me of halo. I wish there was more weapons and enemies/bosses. note: you cant get this game from the market, you have to buy from the gameloft website.
    Dungeon Hunter from Gameloft.
    A standard rpg. Im playing this right now. my thoughts so far is that its a pretty good rpg for a phone but pales in comparison to handheld console rpgs.
    note: you cant get this game from the market, you have to buy from the gameloft website.
    Hero of Sparta from gameloft.
    its a hack n slash game. this is the only game from the gameloft hd series that I didnt like so far.

    I havent tried the other 5 HD games from gameloft but I plan on doing so.
    I really want to try all the high end games for android so please any games you have found :)

    here's a video of the games in action:


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  2. Ashido

    Ashido Newbie

    Anything like Ricochet or geometry wars in the market yet? I haven't given android games a chance since the G1 days, and those were horrific.
  3. indiemixer

    indiemixer Newbie

    I'm thinking about getting Real Football 2010, but since Gameloft doesn't give refunds it could be a waste of $5.
  4. m4r10

    m4r10 Member

    Is there a PSP emulator that will work on the Vibrant?
  5. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

    No, there isn't a psp emulator (i hope they make one soon:) but there is a psx/ps1 emulator called psx4droid. Its pretty good, runs most games well but its a little complicated to set up.
  6. mavictb

    mavictb Well-Known Member

    I have psx4droid... its pretty sick to be playing psx games on my phone.... they do have gameboy advance also called gamboid.
  7. rync888

    rync888 Newbie

    Although this may not be considered high end, I heard Zynga was supposed to release poker to the Droid community. Anyone else hear rumors about this?
  8. fjweinbk

    fjweinbk Newbie

    are these games free?
  9. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

    No, they are not free. They cost about 6 bucks each which is pretty cheap if you ask me, considering they are pretty much the only high end games for android at the mome:cool:nt.
  10. mahgnillig

    mahgnillig Newbie

    Does anyone know of a walkthrough for setting up the Playstation emulator on the Vibrant? I'm unclear on exactly how this works...
  11. adamcooks

    adamcooks Newbie

    I set up psx4droid last night, and i found it pretty easy to set up. you need three things, the emulator ( d/l from market) the roms, only make backups of psx games you own, as downloading roms is VERY NAUGHTY. let me say that again, downloading games you don't own is WRONG. the good side of this is these games are available in bulk at my local used game store, and for 5 buck, he let me take all the psx games i wanted. resident evil, gran turismo 3, hot shots golf, tekken 3. I put those in a box in the bottom of my closet then d/l the links, widely available.

    you also need a psx bios, the software for the ps itself i guess. try googling psx bios, or the name of the file it tells you it needs.

    Put them on you sd card, and point the emulator to the correct files
  12. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

    Saw another game that looks pretty high end called ExZeus Arcade. I haven't tried but it looks pretty good. Here's a video: YouTube - ExZeus Arcade
  13. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

  14. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

    Damn, doesn't anybody but me care about great games for this beast of a phone????
    Come on people, please post your favorite games.....
  15. melll

    melll Android Enthusiast

    If nobody has tried it yet, TRY IT NOW, game called Replica Island.

    Its pretty fun full game and its free!

    Looks awesome on my Galaxy Vibrant.
  16. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

  17. melll

    melll Android Enthusiast

  18. melll

    melll Android Enthusiast

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  19. aksoutherland

    aksoutherland Newbie

    You might also want to check Operation Sandstorm, also from gameloft. Has provided me with hours of entertainment.
  20. texphone

    texphone Newbie

    when you install gameloft games it wants permission to send and receive SMS messages.
    Why? :thinking:
    I THINK it also asks to look at your contact list - cant remember for sure?

    i get charged for SMS
  21. melll

    melll Android Enthusiast

    Hey guys, whats going on with Dragon Play's facebook poker game?

    Live Hold'em for Android

    It says its no longer available on the Market? Why?

    Anyone got an APK of it somewhere?

    Its a free game. I had it before my phone wipe, now I miss it :(
  22. DroidDoesReveiws

    Thread Starter

    Click on the link you provided and click download, it will give you three options. use the "Receive a direct download link in your mobile" option and enter your email. you should find it in the market thru the link they provide. if you cant get it that way, give me your email and i'll try sending you the apk.
  23. melll

    melll Android Enthusiast

    I just got it through app brain, works marvelously.

    Best poker game ever made for Android. So much fun online :)
  24. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    Got a trial on Gangstar. How long is the trial good for?
  25. lllleooo

    lllleooo Newbie

    real soccer is awesome, download it for sure

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