Help High ram usage

Hey! I dont know if its a glitch or a bug or whatever, but my friends have a 70-90%
Ram usage, ALL THE TIME, i have this problem too, and we almost dont have any programs, please fix this if its possible



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As D-U-R-X explained, it's not a problem, it's a feature. :)

Android is not Windows. What you may have learned about optimization and efficiency in the Microsoft and Apple worlds may not apply to Android ... it's based on a linux kernel, with some differences.

If you are having performance issues, we could help you sort it out, but it won't be from high RAM usage ... that actually enhances performance.


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my s3 is the 1gb version and im usually sitting at about 90%. If the system needs more ram it will kill something.
Think of it this way, why pay for a 2gb phone then only use 1gb of it?
Having the ram full of frequently used apps makes multitasking fast and smooth :)