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Apps Highlight focus item on listview

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by kiros88, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. kiros88

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    Oct 25, 2010

    Oct 25, 2010

    I have a set of items in a ListView and am testing using the Android emulator.

    When I click a list item with my mouse the item background flashes yellow and then goes black when I release the mouse button. If I then scroll up and down using arrow keys the selected items background turns orange and remains orange.

    This highlighting behaviour seems peculiar. Is this correct? I did originally expect the highlight to persist after clicking an item and the highlight after click and arrow to be the same color.

    Okay Basically i read online bout touch mode and how it doesnt usually do a focus but the article states to do what im trying to hope for here with the orange remaining in the background is to write code apparently to exit out of touch mode and with a trackball ressurrect a focus on the previously selected item. Of course the article states thats whats needed without writing anythiung to help ppl know how to do tthis. So i was hoping if anyone had any idea how to get any of the steps down i could try to work them all in. First right now im trying to find a way to close touch mode in my setOnItemClickListener section of the code so that after i select and item i exit touch mode but i havent found a code online or a command that does something like that


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