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History Class

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Affairs' started by bloodhawk771, Sep 15, 2011.

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    So in my history class my professor will give me extra credit if I can tell her why the United States gave up Cuba and not the Philippines? Any idea on why?

    Thanks Guys

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  2. 1st, your teacher is reading this thread, trust me.

    Secondly, that is a very complex answer. It has to do purely with politics. President Mckinley was suckered into an a war, in which he wanted to get out of. Spain did a lot of threatening, but the civil war start to cause instability in the region so congress allowed troops to land in Cuba, with the cache that they would have to be completely removed from the island after the war. Cuba was fighting for its freedom, and would not accept American rule any more then they accepted Spainish rule. Cuba was exempt from the Monroe doctrine, which means that any act of the united states to annex Cuba would be seen as a imperialistic move by the world at a time that imperialism was not very popular. But the united states just wanted spain out of the west indies and had no legal control over cuba. Cuba would have fought just as hard against american control as spanish.

    The philippines is a different story, location, location, location. It was the middle of prime shipping lane. After the spanish where removed, there was a brief war, in which the side that we where on, willing allowed us to stay and rebuild the country. The people that "won" the war wanted americans to stay in the country. And since it was in a miltary and economic hot zone, we saw zero reason to leave.

    Both are cases of politics. Cuba was fighting for self control from everyone. Philippines where fighting the Spanish and during the Philippine/American war, only part of the country was against the united states. The other part wanted americans help in building a long term government.

    If the poltics of the time would allow the people of cuba to accept American rule, it would have been slightly different. But both the united states and cuba, did not want to see that happen.

    That is a basic summary, please cite your sources from your text book, but will give you an idea where to look. I did type this off the top of my head, so check my facts and read the book.
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