Hitting Home Network via Phone


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I recently got a Western Digital "My BooK" External Hard Drive - IT IS ETHERNET NOT USB.

Now, West.Dig. on the market has an app called WD Photos.
With it, you can access this drive on your home network from ANYWHERE and get the pics or files, whatever. VERY COOL.

DOWN SIDE: 30 day eval, then $80 PER YEAR (Even 80 to have that, but PER YEAR, come on).

That said, my question here is. Does anybody have experience hitting their home network thru there phone (SECURLY).

IF I put the drive out there for all to see, too dangerous.

The software, I think pushes thru their website, so secure on both sides.

Can I do this without the software?
THANK YOU......Jeff -- Thanks everyone....


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Depends on how you want to access it. Just via your home net, then you dont really need any security on it. If you want to be able able to access it from anywhere, then yea you want some security on it. I'll have to play around with a few things to see if I can sorta emulate your setup, tho that might be hard since I dont have any external HDDs lol. I have access my nix box on my home network via ssh, and my hosting server via ssh and ftp from my phone with no problems tho.