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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by silvo, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. silvo

    silvo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am sure this may have been discussed before somewhere in this forum.

    I am going on holiday to the USA in a couple of weeks. I have set my Desire for roaming, are there any other tips people can with?

    Would I be as well stopping the internet, etc,etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation


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  2. Nathan Baxter

    Nathan Baxter Newbie

    I'd suggest seeing if you can get a US sim for it instead while you're there tbh. Seems to be the cheapest way of using a handset abroad.
  3. snowmobile

    snowmobile Android Enthusiast

    Not allowing roaming should stop any internet use but to be on the safe side you could also turn the internet off.

    It depends what you want to use your phone for while away. If you don't want to make or receive calls or texts either then you could leave it in airplane mode. If you are anywhere with wifi available you can turn wifi back on while still in airplane mode.

    If you do want to make or receive calls or texts than as above look into getting your phone unlocked (if not already) and get a local PAYG sim card.
  4. JohnnyBravo1000

    JohnnyBravo1000 Android Expert

    Unless you want a heft bill when you return from your holiday, I'd suggest disabling data roaming. ;)
  5. sandozer

    sandozer Member

    Do what I do, get a US sim card preloaded with $$ from the US via e-bay, and the jobs done. (phone needs to be unlocked). I do this every year I go over.

    You will find loads of free wi-fi spots over there, most hotels, motels offer this as do pubs and restaurants. :)
  6. silvo

    silvo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For taking the time to reply.


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