Root holy cow, leaps and bounds...


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gotta say, i'm getting pretty slow in my old age, ie,43....... been away just about 24 hrs and over 200 unread posts... it's great to see such interest still in the forums... with all the new hardware coming out, who can keep track... being in the "beer" industry, these last 2 weeks of the year are crunch time, jam time... "get those numbers"... new year, new devices, new os... who the heck decides their names anyhow... ice cream sandwich...??? i bet there is some guy making 64k or better that his only purpose was to come up with that name... i know, long stretch... but ya know what i mean... ok, guess i've just about bored everyone to death by now... thanks for reading... power to the ANDY.... may he rest in peace.... 10-18-2011


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i know how you feel. what amazes me is how much interested is still with the evo. of all the af forums, this one is one of the most active ones.

Wonder if anyone (meaning sprint and HTC) is paying attention to facts like that. The following of this phone is amazing especially considering its an EOL product.

When making new phones they really need to look at the EVO. I personally would boost this one. Give it better battery and a lot more memory. instead of 512meg i would probably look at oh maybe 512gig (I love apps :D ) Ok so maybe not quite so much but still If they can put 64 meg on a SDMicro then I know we could have gotten atleast 3gig. Point is people love the EVO and its the best model for the future.


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It's a good thing we love our Evo's now that Sprint changed the way they do pricing on phones for two year renewals. $150 off the sticker price of some of the phones out there is ridiculously expensive to the point where it would make more sense to switch carriers. Unless I'm missing something. Anybody know anything about that? I'm not up for a renewal until August, so it's a long ways off, but if that's all I get with a renewal, I'm just going to stick with the Evo. ICS will be in full swing by then.


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I'm keeping the Evo for a while, development is still going strong and my guess more developers will come as time goes on. Not everyone has the ability to fork out the extra cash for a phone without the added incentive to upgrade from Sprint. I recently got the Transformer Prime so the tablet should stay updated with future OS releases from google. Then when it's time for me to upgrade, then I will probably surrender and buy a new phone


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That's a good point. The evo is *this* popular, even after it has been out for *this* long. Sprint should take note, and try to release another phone like this. One where everyone and their mother wants it. That's how this phone was. Sold out for months - back ordered - full of impressive tech (at the time at least)... ahh..

I know, too many "*this*" right..? :p


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I wonder if the evo name will be carried over to the next bada$$ device or if itll die with this last run of devices... Theres been 3 or 4 "evos" so far, but none as worthy of the name as our beloved device


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They'll continue the name, its Sprints "brand".
This device name is the supersonic, I forget what the 3vo is named. Check hboot, that is what htc named the device. ;)
I just hope the next EVO is dubbed the EVO LTE, with quad core...*cough* htc edge..*cough*...


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Yeah Supersonic is so much more of a bad ass name than Shooter. I mean really? HTC went from we are going to f the world up to lets go hunting this weekend. I don't get it.