Help Holy hell>>this is bad

Ok so last night my optimus was at 10 percent battery, so i plugged it into my computer. I feel asleep and when i woke up this morning, my computer was in sleep mode and my phone is turning on and off repeatedly. I cannot stop it. I see the lg display then black screen. I tried to do the reset by holding the power, volume down, and the home button until the lg symbol appears. But it continues to do the same thing. I have tried to use my computer usb charger and the wall charger, but nothing. What else can i do. I need my phone. I also tried to do the trick with cutting a usb cord and manually connecting it to the positive and negative of the battery while it is plugged in and charging to charge the battery manually. I cant figure this out!


Sounds like a bad battery, at least. Try plugging you phone in with the battery if it says "need battery" than it should just be your battery, but if the problem still persists could be an issue with the phone.


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It takes hrs n hrs to get any type of charge from a USB port, turnon Wifi and such and it will barley keep up. Gotta use the AC wall charger or a car charger, both push more amps.
It seems the phone got stuck in some sort of loop because you left it on the computer. The person above me is probably your best bet. Just turn it off and plug it into the wall for about an hour.


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That has been known to happen to some Optimus V's. Plug it into the wall charger, and boot into recovery mode (hold the home, power, and volume down keys at the same time until the LG logo appears, then release.)
Let it charge in recovery for about an hour. It should then boot up. Rule of thumb, try not to let the battery get bellow 30%.