Jan 12, 2016
I've tried everything to fix my two buttons on my note 5 for them to come back on, I didn't do anything for them to shut off and they won't turn back on. I tried restarting it and plugging in my charger to see if that would do anything, I tried finding the setting and it wasnt there and I don't have power saving mode on. Any help?
Do you mean that the buttons do not work at all, or just that they do not light up?

If they dont work, I guess your note 5 is under warranty - you should take it back and get it fixed/replaced. If they are not lighting up, there is , I believe, a setting for this (although I dont have your phone) menu, settings, display, touch key light duration (or similar)

If they dont work at all there is an app called Button Savior Non Root which may help you out until you get it fixed.