Dec 8, 2009
So this was posted in the Themes forum, but didn't get any responses, so I am taking this thread to this forum, hoping to get some answers. I am having the same issue as the OP:

Hey guys I just dl'ed the new home replacement Home++ and I love it but I just tried to customize my icons with Bettercut and it doesn't seem to see all the applications on my screen?

For me all I can see are some of the basic Home++ applications, I can't edit the icon for any of the other icons, i.e. the Camera, Handcent, etc...anyone else experiencing this?
It's because it is using the original homescreen for the edit function, so whatever was on your original homescreen is what Bettercut sees for editing.

Goto the Home++ application
Select the home chooser
Choose your original Home Screen
Then put whatever apps you want to be able to edit on there and you will be able to edit them in the Home++ home screen.

Or you could just create your own shortcuts, and usually you can find the app you need under the Activity section of Bettercut.
Damn I knew it was something simple. Thanks! I would have figured it out through the "Activity" option but wasn't patient enough to let the screen load. I went to that submenu, nothing was there, so I just backed out of there. This time I went to the Activity option and just let it sit for a moment...it then loaded everything I needed and more...thanks!