'Home' button glitch + graphics imperfections

Every time I press the physical 'home' button - it takes me to this annoying 'homescreen selector' screen - where I get the heady choice between the Orange or Samsung homescreens - an option that you usually only ever see the first time that you start the phone up and never again.

TLDR - #home# button glitch, how do I disable the 'homescreen selection' screen/app?

Also, the graphics on this handset seem pretty poor quality in some parts (compared to my last SGS2 handset).

Just as an example - the 'Bloomberg for Smartphones' apps is very poorly rendered. What I suspect was intended to be a gradual smooth fade from a light to dark grey, is several obvious blocks of graduated colours, some with citrus-coloured tints. Can anyone else see this?

Thanks all


Android Expert
I think you may have installed a go launcher theme.
This happened to me, but it went away after I rebooted.

Dont bother with the orange or samsung touchwiz. Just install Go Launcher. Its MUCH better than stock with tons more configurable options