Oct 13, 2011
This has been an off and on problem for a while now, but in the last few days its become constant. Pressing the home button now takes a screenshot, with the camera sound effect and all, 80% of the time. Leading to lots of strange looks when people around me hear the camera shutter sound.

I'm not convinced its a hardware problem.

I dont think it is the power button, because when I reset the phone by pulling the battery out, it usually does the job of fixing it for a while. And surely if the power button was stuck in my phone would keep wanting to turn off.
If a battery pull fixes the problem for a while but not forever it's likely something confused in the phone. If you can remember installing or changing something the same time your screen shot problems started I would point a finger at it being the problem. You might try removing said app and see if the problem is fixed. If you can't pinpoint something that might be causing your grief... I'd suggest a factory reset. When a battery pull is a temp only fix.. the next step is to start anew.
Best of luck to you and I hope you can resolve your problem.
Doesn't sound like normal. It may well be that malware has infected your phone. I'm not sure if that's the case, or if the phone's software is somehow really screwed up.

It may also be that some app you installed runs in the background, and is triggered when the home button is pressed (perhaps through an Android intent?).
yep//htc desire s is really a problem phone..i even rang htc and they said they are unaware of problems with this phone...what a