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home++ menu help please!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ceruti82, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Member
    Thread Starter

    twice so far, after using home++, when i hit the arrow to bring up all my apps, the only app that show is "settings" . i can get to my other apps that are shown on a home screen, but the ONLY app showing on the pull down screen is settings! i shut down, removed battery, and restarted twice, but still no luck.

    i know a lot of others use home++, so is there something in the settings that went wrong, or what??! help! i love the home++.. when it works!

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  2. jmccarthy14

    jmccarthy14 Well-Known Member

    Known issue. The latest update allows a force close in the menu (in case you can't figure out how to do it yourself I guess?) until he figures it out.
  3. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Android Enthusiast

    I had this problem once and solved it by turning my phone. I could see all apps while in landscape mode.
  4. Se7enLC

    Se7enLC Lurker

    This problem seems to happen more often on bootup when the SD card is not ready yet. Not sure if that helps, but it may be a clue.
  5. Mskks64

    Mskks64 Newbie

    known fix for this yet?

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