Help Home screen crashes on new jellybean update.

It was working fine jellybean was running smooth. Though it had a few lags but not this mh annoying, since last week or so my home screen crashes almost every time I leave it for any app.
When I press my home button it shows my wallpaper with no icons n then slowly icons n widgets start to appear.
What might be causing this? Any ideas how to fix this?


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Hmm, sounds weird. Try Settings - Apps - Xperia Home - Clear Data.

Be warned though, this will probably delete your home screen setup.


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Another thing to check is how much free phone memory do you have (not internal memory)?

I find that, once it gets below 1Gb, the phone does get sluggish. Also, depending on what app you've just been running, if it needs a lot of memory, I'm guessing that it's using the memory that was being used to display your home screen icons. Exiting the program then causes the phone to have to 'reload' the home screen icons.

As well as making sure everything that can be moved from the phone memory to internal storage, has been moved, try using Easy Cached Cleaner. It's amazing how much memory this can free up.

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I've rooted, My phone and it practically restored everything. Worked fine for some time but then it's again started crashing. Ram is free nearly 150 to 250, phone memory is over 1gig. Almost no apps in phone memory.


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You do have a recovery installed, right?
When you turn your phone on, does the led light up? If so, depending on which you have installed.. Keep pressing volume up key during where it says Sony or tap the logo a few times. If it takes you to the recovery, then great stuff. Tell me which and I can help. If you don't have one, go look one up because they are amazingly handy to have.