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Home screen in landscape?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lucids, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. lucids

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    I've been using the One SV for a few weeks and this has never happened before. Just trying to figure out if this is normal or is it a fault. I'm running the stock ROM ICS that came with the phone android 4.04, sense 4.1.

    A few mins ago when I turned the phone on its side the home screen and everything flipped into landscape mode. It has never done that before except in an app or the browser. I have no other software or launcher/theme installed. The phone has been on its side many times and never flipped before on the home screen. Everything in the menus is now landscape. When I put the phone vertical it stays in landscape , despite me shaking the phone about. See screen shot of phone held vertically.

    Has this happened to anyone else??

    I've had to put into car mode then exit car mode to put it back to portrait. But when I plug it back onto charge with the USB or attach to the PC it flips right back to landscape.
    I had the Desire HD go bonkers on me flipping into the location maps because of something before. I hope this isn't happening again the phone is brand new.


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  2. Yeah, this has happened to me a time or two. Reboots didn't always fix, but pulling the battery did. Worse case scenario, download ultimate rotation control
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