Help home screen issues with adw

I downloaded ADW launcher and i like it. My only problem is that it automatically became
My default for the home button. When i went into settings/applications/ADW the defaults area said that it didn't have any defaults. On the old droid i would go there clear out the defaults and then when i hit the home key i was given the choice between ADW or the stock home and now with my droid x it isn't working. Is anyone else having this problem wwhere if you download something that can use the home button it takes it over and won't let you put the stock home back on the home button.


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Just checked on mine and clearing the default for ADW worked fine for me to get this option back. Just on the off chance, have you fiddled with the Home Button Binding setting in ADW? Might just be a little bug, so if that's the case you could try binding it back to 'Show/Hide Previews' which is what mine is on, then clearing the defaults.

As a work around, you could also download another free launcher from the market, this should bring the option up and you can uninstall/reinstall whatever you need to.

Sorry I haven't been able to offer a more accurate response :)


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I also just added lockbot which also tries to bind with the home button so i was given the box that asks which one i want to bind to the home button and the stock home screen was notan option. The only 2 options i got was ADW or lockbot. Its like my stock one isn't being acknowledged as an application but i can still get to it if i long press the home button and select it from there.


An app called 'home switcher' solves this problem nicely. Great while you are going between various home screen application options. :D