Home screen load lag


I'm sure this has been brought up, and I'm sorry, but for some reason I couldn't seen to find any threads (on here) talking about it.

I got my Droid about a week after release, and have really loved it. A few minor issues here or there, but nothing overly worrisome.

In the past few weeks, I've noticed when I'm in an app (and it's not just one or two, it can be almost any app - Dolphin, USA Today, Pocket Kingdoms, etc), and I press home, it takes about 3 seconds for the app to go away and my home screen to show up. However, when the home screen does show up, it just shows my wallpaper, and then takes 5-10-15 seconds for the shortcuts and widgets to load. My home page(s) are not terribly widget oriented AT ALL. When I restart the phone it fixes it for a couple of days, but then starts up again. I've really just noticed it since the most recent OS update.

Anyone else 1.) have this issue, and 2.) know a permanent fix? It's really rather aggravating, especially when I'm in a hurry before going into a meeting or something.

I can give some more specific information if needed, as far as specific widgets and apps I'm running, etc.

Oh, and I'm using stock 2.1, no mods or anything.


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this has been brought up before and as far as i know, no one can pinpoint the problem. it happens to me occasionally and i would like to know what the issue is as well.


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Well it looks like it might be time for you to root, and overclock.


Or you could just get into the habit of restarting your phone every day, I used to reboot the Hero before I showered each morning.



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i am overclocked...still happens on mine, and lots of others reporting in in the all things root forum. daily reboots probably would help.


I am having the same problem. Same deal, got the droid right after it came out and lately I'm literally deleting everything I can find on my phone, watching what's running and I still get these terrible lags. The weird thing is my son got the phone at the same time, had no problems and when he recently got his replacement (stolen) he commented that the old phone was just as fast as the brand new one. I guarantee he has more "crap" loaded on his phone than I do, I'm beginning to think there's just something wrong with my phone.


Applications probably are hogging memory in their cache files. Start at home page, settings, applications, manage applications, now look at your gmail, browser, your usatoday and any other app that might rely heavily on cache memory. Clear the cache. Faster droid. You need to do this regularly. You're welcome