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Home screen txt messenger icon

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 94SupraTT, May 29, 2011.

  1. 94SupraTT

    94SupraTT Member
    Thread Starter

    Can it be changed to launch anything other than the stock messenger? I've found handcent to be more stable and would like the button to launch handcent if possible.

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  2. Jedii

    Jedii Android Expert

    The stock icon cannot be changed using the default TouchWiz launcher. If you download a launcher (LauncherPro, ADW, GoEX, etc) you can set the themes messaging icon to whatever you want.
  3. sunflowernut

    sunflowernut Newbie

    If they are talking about the messaging icon on bottom screen (four icons), then that can be changed to handcent. Just go to Applications -> menu -> edit -> drag the messaging icon up and drag the handcent icon to bottom tray. If this is not what they are talking about then just disregard this.
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  4. 94SupraTT

    94SupraTT Member
    Thread Starter

    Thats exactly what I'm talking about. I stumbled across it actually. lol :D Glad I didn't need a custom ROM to do it.

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