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    I installed ADWlauncher app. hitting the home button will pop up and ask you to select 2 home screens, ADW home screen and SE home screen. I have selected the SE home screen and set it to default action. After I have done that, it seems to be no way to launch ADW launcher anymore. Is there anyway to re-lauch the ADW homescreen? It apprears home screen cannot be configured on the settings. re-installing ADWlauncher has no effect. please advise...

  2. spatuluk

    spatuluk Member

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Home Screen > Clear Defaults

    When you next click the home button, it'll give you two options again!

    If you select ADW as default, then change your mind, you'd have to select ADW instead of Home Screen (the clear defaults button only appears on the app that you chose as default). This works for other apps, too, if they ever ask you to choose.

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