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Home ++

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BigMace23, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. BigMace23

    BigMace23 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi... I just downloaded the home replacement home ++ and I love it. However my phones battery was drains in a matter of hours after downloading this. I really want to keep this because its awesome. I looked in the battery usage section of the settings and home ++ was nowhere to be found. Normally i can go a full day with moderate usage and still have 40% charge. Any ideas on what this may be? I hope it isn't the replacement home. Has anyone else experienced this with home ++?

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  2. GtRacerH

    GtRacerH Newbie

    I just downloaded it a couple days ago as well and have no battery issues. Go to your regular droid home and take off all the widgets, shortcuts, and other stuff you wont be using since now you'll be on home++. That way you're not using up twice the battery by running double widgets, etc.. see if that helps.
  3. thebarbrr

    thebarbrr Well-Known Member

    Hey I just posted a thread on this earlier like around 9 am check it out lots of replies already that might help you out
  4. bluedust

    bluedust Newbie

    Download the app Spare Parts:

    1. Go to 'Battery History'
    2. Go to 'Other usage'
    3. In the popup, go to 'Partial wake usage'

    This will show you what's running the battery while the screen is off, let us know the results.
  5. thrifty

    thrifty Well-Known Member

    I was able to remove a good chunk of my icons because of the features of Home++. I have found that it doesn't kill everything running when you "end tasks"... I'll use TasKiller also.. a bit of a pain as it also kills Home++. it comes back online when the home button is pressed though.
  6. odiej34

    odiej34 Android Enthusiast

    Just exclude home++ in task killer.
  7. BigMace23

    BigMace23 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I looked at The spare parts app and it said that android OS was the top usage in partial wake time... so its not home ++ and I think that The double widget thing may have had something to do with it. Thanks guys
  8. thrifty

    thrifty Well-Known Member

    It took a bit of poking around but I figured out how to do it... thanks..:D
  9. Basfords

    Basfords Lurker

    I had this problem early on. I think it was a battery app that I installed that caused my peroblem. I have never installed Home++, but after removing the battery app (it told me the % charge of my battery) I have not had any problems again. My phone heated up a lot, and the battery drained almost completely within about an hour. I figured out it was draining since it got so hot in my pocket.

    Hasn't done it since. :)

  10. bigdroiddog

    bigdroiddog Well-Known Member

    HOme++ is not the batttery problem, its the old widgets in your previous home, once i got rid of everything from original home and by using task killer and not running to many resource hoggin widgets in home++, it get alot of life out of my battery. I could probably get 36 hours with normal use, maybe 45 minutes in voice calls and 20-30 text plus minimal widgets running. It just takes alot of trial and era and tweaking things a bit, you will get it right. Home++ is a great replacement, i will never go back to the original.
  11. BobD

    BobD Newbie

    I can attest to bigdroidogs suggestion. I read this and realized my old home screens had widgets in them. I removed them and my battery life today has been excellent. It's been going for 12 hours and I'm down to 50%. before doing this is would have been down to about 10-15%.
  12. Alyianna

    Alyianna Well-Known Member

    Not to hijack this thread, but I was just wondering how I could go back to the default to see if I have left behind any running widgets? I am not using home++ by the way... I am using Pandahome... although I seem to think by reading these forums home++ is used more.

    What does Home++ offer that Pandahome may not?
  13. Dragoro

    Dragoro Android Enthusiast

    If its the same as home++ at all, go to your apps page that lists em all, click on the panda home app and it should ask ya if ya wanna open panda home or home. Choose home and get rid of all the apps on your home pages there, then go back to apps page and click on panda and select panda to be default. Im just guessin but thats how home++ works.
  14. esocid

    esocid Well-Known Member

    Pandahome just doesn't look as neat as Home++ does, in my opinion. Panda offers a lot of customization and themes. Home++ doesn't offer themes, and little in the room for customization, but feels much speedier than Panda did. I was trying out from the initial beta release up to 1.75 of Panda and decided I didn't like it that much so I uninstalled it.

    I like the ability to hide the notification panel, the custom task icons, and circular homes.
    In reference to your question, under Setting > Applications > Manage Applications, go to Pandahome and touch remove defaults. When you press home this time, it'll prompt you again for which service to use. This applies for anything else you have set as the default app: Messaging, GV, etc.
  15. Alyianna

    Alyianna Well-Known Member

    Thanks to both of you, I found my default home had a LOT of widgets from playing around before I got the replacement home! No wonder Facebook was a top battery killer! I had one widget on my replacement home and TWO on the default!!!

    I wonder how many people with battery complaints have this issue and aren't even aware of it?

    Thanks again!
  16. thebarbrr

    thebarbrr Well-Known Member

    I have done this check and have emptied my home default screen...have done several tests and have found that using home++ I got 12 hours of battery life with my moderate usage...and with stock I am getting close to a day and a half (night ,full day,night till noon for full battery drain...about 36 hours) not lying..have task killer and check my battery usage and when using bothe home screens the battery usage seems identical (except for 4% usage with home++). This is my 3rd replacement droid and this droid has the best battery life from all the rest

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