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Homescreen HELP

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by bedford48, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. bedford48

    bedford48 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    edit: if it matters im using an LG Optimus - version 2.2.1, model number LG-p500h
    note: im not very technical smart.

    ok so i have been trying to make my homescreen look like this: http://mycolorscreen.com/2012/02/13/note-worthy/ but i cant figure it out.

    the first problem is when i set the wallpaper its to big, i can only see the middle of it ( the cropping tool when your setting the wallpaper wont cover the whole picture )

    my power control plus on 4x1 is thicker then the one in the picture?

    also in the comments they are talking about using a "gnote" what is this?? and how can it help me??

    basically i need someone to walk me through every step because i cant even figure out the baisc parts

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  2. gwcaton

    gwcaton Android Expert

    I realize this wont be much help but your best bet is through contacting the Original poster.
  3. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    Gnote means Galaxy Note lol :p
  4. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    Also the power widget is not the usual one, Its power control plus. thats why it might be thicker.

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